Saturday, June 27, 2009

Okay, Well anyone who knows me well knows how much I love my straighteners.

Heres the 2 best straightener brands, in order.



Zombie Bunny Necklace [black]NL37_2.jpg
I want. I want. I want.
Okay so the last two posts were about cherryred products.
and I'm now addicted. I love this necklace. Its a Zombie bunny.
Comes in black and pink and is only 10 dollars.
Also comes in a pink zombie teddy bear.



Skull Necklace w/ Striped Star
Was: $11.00 SALE Price: $10.00
I know right ain't these just the cutest.
Simple but awesome. Also from

Skull charms measure 1" across and 1.25" tall.
Star charm measures .75" across.


Cupcake Necklace [hot pink]
I loved these cute pendants so I just had to blog them
May be buying from

Chain is silver-plated and 18" long.
Cupcake measures approximately 1.25" X 1"
Hot Pink heart measures approximately .5" X .5"

[My New Obsession]™

Okay. At the moment I'm Obsessed with scene hair okay? Its not my fault. I think it's just amazing. The colourful stripes she has down the side of her hair. are called Coonatails They were Inspired by Kiki Kannibal, So heres a quick how to... seperate the hair you want to change colour. and put tape where you want the origional colour. then dye over the tape. leave to dry,, wash the dye out and then take out the tape. You now have a Coontail
  1. All taped up!

  2. The dye has been applied.
  3. The finished result.

[MyPersonalMakeUpLook] - How To: ™

A few of my mates have asked me how I get my makeup like this. So.. This is what this blog is for.

I use:
-Line Exact Liquid liner. (in black)
-Revlon Fabulash Mascara
-Revlon Colour stay eyeliner pencil (Black/Noir)
-Loreal true match super bleandable Concealer (in warm/fair/light)
-M.A.C Eyeshadow, in Seattle Dreams.
-and Nivea Lip care Strawberry.

you want to first put the concealer on any imperfections. and blend it in lightly. when doing this stand about 30cm away from the mirror, so as only to get the bigger spots, not too perfect because that can leave your skin looking oily and not to nice.

Then put on the liquid liner along your top lash line. Making sure its thin at the inner corner of your eye and thicker towards the outside take it along about a cm after the end of your lash line. Then do the pencil eyeliner along the inside of your lower lash line and going right into the tear ducts. Now apply the eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye. you don't need to use purple. apply your mascara to your lashes like normal. Put the Lipcare on and your done.

Hope you like it.


Okay.. This really helped me when I was wondering what to get. Sadly my mum didn't agree to anything more then a lobule auricule. I want to get a Cartilage and a Conque. But I thought I'd put this up for anyone who was thinking about getting something like this done.


Snake Bites: Two piercings just under the bottom lip: one on the left side and one on the right. They can be studs or rings, or even a combination of both.

They are called snake bites as a snakes fangs puncture two holes next to each other, ie. the two holes through the skin under the lip next to each other.

Snake bites used to mean two piercings next to each other anywhere on the body, but are now more recognised as the lip type as these seem to be the most popular.

[I'ma Have A Rant]™

A few of my hates.*

Beings Who Buy There Whole Wardrobe One Brand.
You guys are complete idiots. I mean whats the point.
WOW all one brand, which usually also means all the same genre clothes.
Your Wardrobe Should vary.. And You Should Know That!

I mean what the hell does following a trend do?
prove you have absolutely no imagination!!
Be yourself. Stand out.

Wandering 'Round A Store 500 Times.
Until You Know Every Item
But Can't find the one you want!
Its Bloody annoying.


Was Flicking though my Ipod. Found Poets Of The Fall.
Their a independent rock band from Helsinki, Finland.
Their a really good band. I Love their music.
They arn't very famous over here in newzealand. But here you go. -official site.

[The V.I.P]

Okay guys. Well This Is my first post. My blogs are pretty much anything thats running through my mind. So I guess I'll start of with the basics.

1. Name: Elizabeth
2. Nicknames: Lizzy. Liz. Lizliz. L.
3. Birthday: 11 october.
4. Place of Birth: Auckland
5. Zodiac Sign: Libra
6. Male or Female: Female.
7. School: I'm a yr 9. Third Form
8. Short or Tall: I'm Kinda Short
9. Occupation: Student
10. Residence: Auckland
11. Screen Name: `ExtaticElizabethh. x
12. Hair Color: At the moment.. Red and black
13. Hair Length: Short. haha.
14. Eye color: Blues.
15. Best Feature: Eyes
16. height: As i Said Short
17. Braces?: Nope.
18. Glasses?: Nope.
19. Piercing: Ears, But I wanna get Snakebites.
20. Tattoos: Not Yet. Soon Though.

[OhSoGorgeous]™ xx
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